Memory Farm


My wandering days began as a girl when my family piled into the car on Sunday afternoons to drive to places we did not know. My father drove into the rural countryside of Maryland. This was a family event that began with my mother packing a lunch. While on the road, we played a game with my sisters and I telling our father to turn left, right or go straight ahead or sometimes even stop. We never had a destination unless it was an ice cream parlor!


As an adult, I have traveled to six of the seven continents from the Antarctic to America, but my favorite place to roam is rural Illinois which I think of as my own backyard.


Now, as a woman, I wander with a purpose. When I see an old barn or a swing hanging from a tree, I feel compelled to capture the image. It is the excited girl in me who turns left or right or stops to make that photograph.


I am grateful to continue the family tradition which has been my inspiration.



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